The story of creativity, excellent craftsmanship & success in the Eyewear Industry"

I was only 15 years old, a young man with a big dream. I was always a visionary and I always dreamed big. But Argentina in the 1976 did not have any opportunities for young boys like me. I knew that it was time to leave. Paris was the place that I chose, or maybe Paris chose me? I still do not know the answer.

I took off with very little in my pocket, just a bag full of dreams and the drive for success. I arrived at Paris, it was love at first sight! I adore Paris. I was surrounded by amazing Argentinian people, the Europeans adored us and the French culture welcomed me because of my Argentinian accent.

They loved the way Argentinians dressed and behaved; we were exotic and charming. There I was in the center of intellectuals, diplomats and celebrities, which made me feel like I belonged to this world from day one.

"I met the most amazing people in Paris and I knew I was destined to create something big and my brand was just the beginning of the story.”

Daniel is sharing with his followers his vision and creative world that has given him so much to be thankful for. He is one of the most charismatic designers that our editors have ever encountered and he will soon be sharing his story and legacy in a book that he is writing to inspire young Latin American designers to dream big and achieve the true American Dream.

Oberti Luxury World was founded by Daniel Oberti. The store opened its doors in 1990 under the name ”Just looking Eyewear,” an optical and eyewear store located in Miami Beach, Florida over 30 years ago.

Oberti is the first Argentinian-Italian eyewear designer in the world. At the age of 18, Oberti traveled to France in search of a better future. He was determined to become a trendsetter and creative fashion icon in the eyewear industry.

It was Paris in the 76. Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and many other fashion houses dominated the market of culture around the world. But Daniel Oberti’s vision was to conquer the heart of the Parisian people. He started as a publicist and fashion model for some of the most prestigious publications in Paris; his face was featured in several magazine editorials and he became a popular fashion model.

As a young entrepreneur, designer and innovator, Daniel became more influenced by the accessory industry. His incredible eye for aesthetic details and perfection were key ingredients to bring a refreshing inspiration to his first designs, which were later referred to as the origin of his eyewear brand.

In 1980 Daniel moved to the United States to achieve the American dream. He knew that his unique inspiration for eyewear designs that he learned from his years in Paris and Italy would bring a refreshing new flare to the industry with a more avant-garde vision.

He established his first flagship store in Miami Beach and later another one in North Miami Beach, where the Daniel Oberti store has become an icon in the area for decades. It has been recognized for its exclusive clientele, celebrities, and socialites, such as rappers, musicians, athletes, and actors that visit weekly in search of Daniel Oberti’s unique designs and creations.
Our signature piece:
The buffalo horn eyewear lenses customized at our store with the finest framing, facetted style with gold, silver or platinum temple.


Oberti Luxury World Group will expand its retail operations through the opening of several standalone store franchisees in key markets. The projected revenue growth by the combined stores will make Oberti Luxury World a global leader in the luxury market and will open up significant opportunities for licensing and other store formats (corners, seasonal and pop up stores) Strategic Priorities : Licensing

Daniel Oberti is prominent in the luxury world. Oberti Luxury World’s Total Look and Lifestyle strategy lends itself perfectly to a natural brand extension in accessories as leather goods, jewelry, perfumes and others.

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