Oberti Luxury World welcomes you to our exiting world of luxury designer eyewear and accessories.

Our clients will be greeted at our chic, one of a kind showroom located at 2250 NE 163th St. #1 North Miami Beach, FL 33160 in a private and luxury ambiance for all our customer's eyewear needs. 

We provide our customers with a unique experience with our personalized design service and high quality standards in customer care.

Established by the late 1990’s Daniel Oberti’s legacy has continued for 30 years becoming a flagship store visited by locals and international visitors from all over the world. 

After decades of making eyewear for local families, international tourists, celebrities and prominent figures in the community, Daniel Oberti’s brand has been recognized as an International success for his attention to detail and exclusive designs.

Some of our services include: an in-house optometrist to provide you, with the full eye examination to diagnose and treat the managing of any vision changes you may have. 

Our in house optician, will verify and fit your glasses to cater your order and customize any lenses you choose. 

We carry a wide variety of lenses, including digital HD progressive lenses, also in single visión, transition, multi focus and polarized lenses. You choose your own shape, size and color and we designed it for you, that’s our specialty, to customize your eyewear needs.

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